Dreyfus/Dreifus Genealogy

This page contains pointers to information for anyone researching the name Dreifus or its various spellings such as Dreifus, Dreifuss, Dreyfus, Dreyfuss, Dryfus, and Dryfuss.

At a superficial glance, there appear to be two patterns: Dreyfus families from Altdorf, Germany, and those from the western areas: France and Marienthal, Germany.

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History of the Name Dreifus
Peter Dreifuss Web page gives a history of the name Dreifus.

Dr. Henri-Claude Mars
Has been researching Dreifus, among others, for many years and has an extensive collection of information. He is at:

Werner Marx
was born in Marienthal, Germany, and has researched his Dreifus connection extensively. Email: wmrx@juno.com Werner and Bill Firestone (see elsewhere on this page) are third cousins, twice removed.

Jewish Genealogical Family Finder
Visit to do an up-to-the-minute search of people researching Dreifus.

Raphael Finkel's Genealogy Web page
Contact Raphael Finkel. Also, Here is a message from Raphael.

Bill Firestone's Dreifus Genealogy (Acrobat document about 8.5K)
primarily from Marienthal, Germany. (Download the Acrobat reader for your platform.)

Bill also has a Dreifus connection related to Jane Dreifus Smith. Bill's second cousin, three times removed was Addie Bledenthal (corrupted spelling of Bluthenthal), who married Solomon Dreifus of Philadelphia in 1896. Bill and Jane are fourth cousins.

Rosanne Leeson
...is a Dreifus. Here is a message from her about her Dreifus history. Email: Leeson1@attglobal.net

French Sources for Jewish Genealogy
Cercle de Généalogie Juive

Jewishgen Info File (part of the JewishGen InfoFiles) includes a list of Dreifus researchers compiled by Micheline Guttmann of Paris. Be sure to visit this page, as it includes researchers not listed on this page.

Eva Joy Lamm-Ruben
is researching Dreifus. E-mail: evaruben@oro.net

Jane Dreifus Smith
is researching Dreifus from Philadelphia. E-mail: abob@infi.net

Leonard Dreifuss Genealogy Pages
is an exceptional piece of work, focused on the Dreifuss' from Altdorf. Here's an excerpt:
Abraham Dreyfuss, was a Viehmakler (horse dealer) who was born in 1747 and died January 24, 1821. Abraham was born and died in Altdorf (Baden) Germany and is buried in nearby Schmieheim.

Celebration of 1200 Years Anniversary in 1998 Endingen/Unterendingen, Canton Aargau, Switzerland
The town of Endingen/Unterendingen is celebrating its 1,200th birthday. The Web page about this mentions Ruth Dreifuss, Swiss Minister of Internal Affairs. Here are some excerpts from their page:
...The christian surnames (Familynames) from citizens of Endingen (originally Oberendingen) are BŠchli, Blum, Hediger, Keller, Meier (Meyer), Mathis, Schmid, Spuler, Steigmeier, Weibel, Werder, the Jewish Family names within the village are Bollag, Bloch, Braunschweig, Dreifus (Dreifuss), Guggenheim, Kohn (Cohn, Cohen), Moos, Picard (Pikard) Pollak (Pollack), Wyler. The registered citizens of Unterendingen bear the Family names of Hauenstein (Howenstein), Kunz and Senn. A Common Familiyname in Endingen also is Hug (Haug)....
...The name of the villages Ober-Endingen and Unter-Endingen, located in Northern Switzerland, can be traced back to the year 798 in historical documents. 1200 years of history certainly justify the organisation of a special festivity, which has been fixed in 1998 for June 18th. to 28th. Saturday, June 27, is a day particularly devoted to former citicians no longer living in the village. All such emigrants from Endingen will be welcomed and invited to take part at the next years ceremonies....
The ten day jubilee festival shall close with an appropriate celebration. Ruth Dreifuss (Swiss Minister of internal affairs), whos family commitments originate from Endingen, shall attend the federal celebration day on august 1st. Therefore the three villages Endingen, Unterendingen and Lengnau are planning a common act of celebration.

Interview with federal council Ruth Dreifuss

Rudolf W. Meier Vordere Hoehenstrasse 33 CH-5430 Wettingen, Switzerland Tel 0041-56-426 44 34 e-mail adress: mailtl:endingen@azag.ch .

The Story of the Felix Fraenkel Family
...on the Web page of the Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience, includes the following notes:
It was easy to confirm that our great-grandfather, Felix Fraenkel, buried in the old Jewish cemetery in Baton Rouge, was born in Rothbach in 1834. Great-grandfather Felix married Palmyre Dreyfus of Schlettstadt, Alsace. They had seven children, all born in Baton Rouge.

Doris and Henry Dreyfuss Memorial Study Center
The New York Museum of Modern Art includes a list of Art Libraries and resources in New York City. The following item might be of interest:

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