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Cuba (O.N.U., Geneva)

Ambassador : Carlos Amat Fores

Carlos Amat Fores

Age (1999) : 68.
Credentials presented: February 1997.
Spouse: Julia-Elvira Rodriguez Garcia.

Ph.D. Law, University of Santiago de Cuba;
Studies of Sociology and Technics, Sociological Investigation, University of Havana.

Professional background:
Dean, University of Havana;
Director, Department of Latin America and Caribbean Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
Ambassador to Canada; Minister of Justice; President, Cuban Union of Lawyers;
President, National Electoral Commission; President, Cuban Commission on Drugs.

Languages: Spanish, English.

Cuba Membership: UN, WTO, WHO, ILO, Caribbean States Association, NAM, G-77, UNCTAD.
Exports: Sugar and sugar products, nickel, tobacco, citrus, rum, seafood, medical products.
Imports: Food, mineral fuels, fertilisers, machinery and transport and telecom equipment.
Principal trading partners: CIS, EU. GNP per capita: N/A. GNP: N/A.
Address: Chemin de Valérie 100, Case postale 59; 1292 Chambésy.
Tel. 758.94.30. Fax. 758.94.31.
National day: January 1.